Kenwood Database Generator

Kenwood Database Generator is a replacement of Kenwood Music Editor Light for Linux. Basically it represents a graphic shell for kmel_db command line utility created by Chris Willoughby.


It takes a FAT32 formatted USB drive with MP3 and WMA files and then creates a Kenwood DAP database on that drive, containing info about those files. The database can be later accessed by Kenwood Car Audio to index and play audio files. I created this application because the original Kenwood Music Editor light doesn’t exist for Linux.


The application requires Python 3.5 or newer. Among packages it needs PyQt5, asyncqt and hsaudiotag3k.

Manual installation

If you choose to use tar.gz archive (because, for instance, you posess a Linux distribution using a package manager that do not understand Debian or ArchLinux packages), then you need to perform an additional step after unpacking the archive. There will be the file in your destination folder. It needs to be laucned before the first use of the program in order to generate a Python virtual environment in the destination folder. The virtual environment is needed to run the application. The distribution archive contains the file. It’s the program’s launcher. Just emit the following command in your terminal:


But an easier way would be to just create a shortcut on the desktop or in a menu somewhere for the aforementioned command. The icon for it can be found in the archive.